A Rumen Stimulant for cows


A Rumen Stimulant for cows


Pro Cud is a stomach powder for cattle over 4 months old.

It incorporates ingredients to help correct rumen acidosis and promote the regrowth

of helpful stomach bugs.

Ginger powder promotes salivation and stimulates appetite.

A large portion of live yeast in each pack makes Pro Cud the best option for farmer or vet when choosing an all-purpose stomach powder.

Easily mixed in a small enough volume to be administered in a drenching bottle by the stockman but can also be given by 20 litre pump.


The components of Pro Cud support the following uses:

  • Yeast:

Each 450g sachet of Pro Cud contains 45g of live S.Cervisiae yeast, prill-dried to give enhanced stability and activity.

Using top quality live yeast promotes the growth of lactate-utilising bacteria, restoring a normal rumen pH.

  • Sodium bicarbonate: 150g per sachet which neutralises acid to restore pH to normal levels.
  • Dextrose: Easily absorbed sugar to feed and repopulate rumen microbes.
  • Milk powder: A high quality protein source to provide a food source for beneficial bacteria.
  • Ginger: Promotes salivation and cudding to help regain normal rumen function.


Pro Cud is recommended in the following cases:

  • Acidosis: Pro Cud supports the recovery from excessive rumen acid production.
  • Scour/Diarrhea: Pro Cud can be used to support a return to normal rumen function.
  • Off food: For cows that are off-food Pro Cud is a sensible choice to improve digestive health and appetite.
  • RECOVERY From hard calving, caesarean section or any stressful event. Pro Cud can help keep the cow eating, helping to fuel recovery and rebuild strength.
  • Abomasal conditions: Pro Cud can help maintain normal rumen activity, appetite and fiber intake in at-risk cows post-calving, helping to reduce the risk of abomasal diplacement.
  • Antibiotics: Cows on antibiotics can suffer from a loss of rumen bacteria, e.g. cows being treated for lameness or metritis. Procud helps maintain a healthy bacterial population.

Pro Cud is used to support any sick or scouring animal where rumen support would be beneficial.

Examples of cases where Pro Cud would be beneficial are cattle who are off-feed, scouring, on antibiotic treatment, freshly calved dairy cows or cattle on heavy feeding regimes.

Direction for use:

Adults:  1 sachet per day as a drench as needed. Given as drench in 1 litre of warm water. May also be given via stomach tube or pump system.

Calves: (over 4 months): 1/4 sachet per day as a drench.

The brief description of the medicine is for information purpose only. Read the content of the package leaflet carefully before use.

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