Skin & Wound Equine Cream

Skin & Wound Equine Cream


Manuka Honey Cream
Contains 80% pure NZ Mānuka Honey, 18% NZ lanolin and 2% natural plant oils.
Studies have shown that only authentic New Zealand Mānuka Honey (Leptospermum scoparium) possesses the necessary properties to help heal even the most severe open wounds faster, with less inflammation, Scaring and proud flesh.

Designed for minor wounds, wounds that are in a location that are difficult to bandage or wounds that are in the later stages of wound healing and no longer need bandaging, such as wounds that have a healthy bed of granulation tissue, mild-moderate mud fever, minor abrasions, or wounds that can’t be bandaged.

Dosage and Administration:
Apply a thin film directly to the wound 2-3 times daily.
Not to be used under a bandage

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